FUNSIES® IntelliGrow® TOS:


FUNSIES® IntelliGrow® Babies Terms of Service

FUNSIES growing babies are designed to provide a lifetime of enjoyment. We work very hard to create the best experience for you. Experience parenting at it's finest.

FUNSIES babies come with the security that you can never lose your child.*

We do not warrant items purchased from anyone/anywhere other than FUNSIES.

Included below are the terms of service and agreement for each licensee (original purchaser):


You may enjoy your child to the fullest extent and within the legal realms of Second Life's agreement.

You may transfer a child to another if you would like them to provide care to your child.

You may share your toys, furniture etc by using the "Everyone" option on each item.


FUNSIES works hard to protect every parent and also every resident in SL from fraud and scamming.

FUNSIES babies are not resellable and cannot be given away. Birth parents retain rights to the child forever. This is your child, not a doll.


*Scams/Baby Selling:

Once a person purchases a child, they receive a unique license which protects them from losing their child. In case of loss, that person may retrieve their child in-store. If someone illegally "sells" that baby, the original purchaser maintians the license and can retrieve that child - causing the new owner loss.

Anyone abusing the system (known as "Permissions Exploit") by selling children WILL lose their license to all FUNSIES children whom they are licensee.

FUNSIES reserves the right to refuse service and sales to anyone.

Creating Havoc:

FUNSIES may consider legally pursuing those whom affect the brand, to include stealing creative concepts. Always use common sense and if you have an issue don't take it to the group, nor to others, speak to the staff directly. We take this seriously.

Subject to change without prior notice.





FUNSIES works very hard to make your experience the best it can be. It seems silly to write a grade-school, "how to mind your manners", but this is needed in a group this size and with some persons unable to respect the moderators/staff.

If you've never been warned - this is just information for you and to show you that we will work hard to make your time in FUNSIES group a pleasant one.

Parents and their children are our first priority. We want you to feel safe in the group as well as on any of our sims. The rules listed below are the very very very few, .000001%, who refuse to respect the rights of parents to have a safe place as well as refuse to show staff the respect they've earned.

FUNSIES group is for support, technical questions as well as some light-hearted fun.

The group is not a place to debate or argue with owners, staff or other parents.


1) Only FUNSIES/EDEN related questions/comments: NO discussion or questions about like-item stores (Babies, huds, maternity etc). Period. Period. We do not know anyone elses products and it's not our concern what they're saying, doing or coming out with. If unsure, IM a staff member and do not ask in group. If no staff is available, leave a message with Rebekah Recreant and await a reply. NO notecards.

If Rebekah Recreant did not make the item, it does not need to be mentioned in group.

* Anyone who asks a question about another company will receive a verbal warning.

* Anyone who replies with, "I'll message you", or private messages someone asking the question will have chat rights removed.

2) Be nice. Period. Anyone in a bad mood and refuses to behave is asked to close the group and come back another day.

3) Complaint? Contact the owner: Rebekah Recreant

4) Complaining in the group is not allowed. Anyone with an issue is free to message Laguna Recreant or Rebekah Recreant. The owners make themselves availble for support; daily. There is zero tolerance for complaints in group or rude comments in group. If unsure - don't say it.

5) If a staff member asks to stop something, stop. Just stop. Don't try and debate. Don't heat up the group. Stop. Choosing to ignore a staff member is grounds for their decision on disciplianry action. All staff members have full rights to move anyone causing issues from "chat rights" to "perm-banned from sims". Period.

I will stand behind my staff all the time. I entrust them to make the right decisions, if not, they would not be staff. So show them the respect they deserve.


(this is only a courtesy list and depending on the offense, a person can go from warning to banned)

1) Verbal warning

2) 24 hour chat rights removed

3) 30 days chat rights removed

4) Banned from chat permanently

5) Banned from FUNSIES group (no 5% discount would be able to be used)

6) Banned from all of FUNSIES/EDEN sims

If you have a concern, complaint, please contact Rebekah Recreant or Laguna Recreant. We want you to enjoy your experience and here for you!

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